"Mikasa, I'd like to make you feel like you're the only girl in the world."



"I don’t want that responsibility." Repopulating would be a bitch.

"I said I want to make you /feel/ like you are. Are you not picking up what I’m putting down?"

"You didn’t put anything down!" Mikasa protested, missing his symbolism yet again.

"Mikasa, I'd like to make you feel like you're the only girl in the world."

"I don’t want that responsibility." Repopulating would be a bitch.

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Could Have Been… // @whatsinmybasement 


He did secretly wonder if his mother was still alive. He doubted it…not if she lied about where Eren and Mikasa had gone off to. Of course she wouldn’t have really known where they were…but keeping a cripple woman alive after something like that…it just didn’t makes sense. Eren tried not to think about this.

It broke Eren’s heart to see Mikasa crying about this. All of it really was his fault…he leaned over Gregor once more, kissing her and wiping the tears from her cheeks. “Shh…” he whispered. “It’s okay…you have nothing to be sorry for,” he mumbled.

"I love you…we’re together…we’re all together and that’s all that matters," he mumbled, keeping his hands on her face. "Let’s…just be thankful we’re all together…" he whispered. He wouldn’t tell her to stop crying…he knew it helped to get all the emotions out.

That much was true…they loved each other and were together. It was far more than many people in this world already had…a rare comfort. Mikasa sobbed still, crying herself exhausted until she ended up fast asleep in her husband’s embrace… unknowing that it did indeed wake up Gregor. Their son laid there, confused as to why his mother was crying…

His fist was chewed on in some discreet nervousness. Papa was already making it better…Still, he reached out and gently rubbed her tummy in case the baby was crying too and they just couldn’t see it. Crying when nobody could see or help you was especially sad.

Was this new home a bad place? He never saw Mama cry like this at their old house… Suddenly, the boy was hit with his own wave of melancholy. 

Repressing Dragons //@ whatsinmybasement 


Grisha nodded at his son and Eren took a seat, ready to eat. He certainly was starving. The second Carla put the food down, Eren began to eat. “It’s delicious Mom,” he said, swallowing. He drank some water, sighing happily.  Eren tilted his head when he noticed Mikasa not eating. “It’s okay to eat you know?” he urged.

Grisha sighed once again. “Eren, you’re being rude. You should at least swallow before taking another bite,” he scoffed. “And stop bugging our guest. She can eat if she wants to. Maybe she’s not hungry after all your yelling,” he scolded. Eren rolled his eyes and returned to focusing on his own food.

Grisha turned to Mikasa. “If you’re not feeling well or need a bit before you can eat, we can always save your food for you,” he smiled. “I know you’re coming from a different lifestyle, so don’t feel pressured to do anything.”

"…" Mikasa nodded, bowing her head. She had no appetite regardless of the food being more than delicious. Hands balled in her lap, the trembling returned. Worried that she felt too self conscious, Carla offered, "You can go lay down, if you want. As Grisha said, we’ll put the plate away for you."

The older woman stood, “Come on, I’ll show you to the guest room.” Though she supposed it would be Mikasa’s room for the time being. The girl appeared relieved to be free of the table and followed after Carla. Carla who felt self conscious herself when peering at the bed. It would be better to let her have Eren’s, wouldn’t it…?

Before she had a chance to voice that, Mikasa pleasantly slipped into the bed. The second her cheek hit the pillow, she was fast asleep.

"…" They had been running through the forest all night, haven’t they? Softly, Carla closed the door, going to finish her meal because, boy, did she need energy for the scolding Eren was about to get. Maybe she could take him from the house so she could get all her screaming out without waking Mikasa.

Fast Rewind//Reincarnation!AU//Eatthebread 


Bertholdt stood at the opposite end of the kitchen, far away from her. He looked her over, trying to get a feel on how he should just say it. “M-Mikasa….”

That sick feeling began to pool inside him now. He wanted to to throw up. But instead he took a breath, slowly letting it out. “Mikasa…I…I…”

And what was going to be the end result to this talk? Bertholdt had to wonder. Was he going to break up with her? Continuing going on with their lives as if what happened in the past never happened. Bertholdt was going to keep having those dreams. He was still going to be reminded of what had happened. What he did to Mikasa and what Mikasa did to him. Could he stand looking at her, knowing this?

"Mikasa…you know…everything…" He finally said. "About the other life? T-The one with the titans?" Bertholdt bit his bottom lip, as he looked down.

She wondered rather or not it was conscious, Bertholdt making all this distance even as they were in the same room together. She hated this…normally…He was happy to be close, or to put his arms around her…

While she tried so hard not to cry just outside the court house, this was already too much. Salty tears ran down her cheeks, Mikasa trying to make haste to wipe them away. He hated her…even if she hadn’t done anything awful to him in this life, he hated her already…Moments like yesterday could never happen again…nights like yesterday…

Eren and Reiner weren’t supposed to be right…!

"…" Instead of answering with words or explaining how she was aware, Mikasa just nodded her head. She knew…just about everything. Any knowledge she hadn’t recalled wasn’t needed or necessary. She also knew he wanted her to confide it, since he wasn’t in the know, however the first words out of her mouth were,

"A…Are you breaking up…with me…?"





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Possess Me //@ timidblondedreamer 


Funny how one word could affect a person so easily.

         ”  N o ! “

The single word resonated in his head, echoing into his very being, the sound of a trigger finally being tampered with only to set off something that shouldn’t have been released. Something that was better off being left dormant and locked away rather than carelessly being liberated. He knew that things would never be the same after this.

Yet it was too late, far too late.

Things could have gone so much easier if she had only listened to him and now that she had finally tested his patience, he would teach her a lesson.

"Wrong answer."

Without any warning he descended his lips on her’s, forcing a kiss onto her with her bottom lip buried between teeth before pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Armin grabbed hold of her wrists, pinning them together above her head with as much pressure as he could apply which was then followed by his knee prying her legs apart.

The blond grazed his teeth deeper than necessary, drawing out blood from the sensitive skin only to suckle it out until only a bruise remained. He claimed her lips, allowing her no room for her to breathe or fight back, being sure to mark her and leave her with the impression that it was wrong to defy him.

When he was satisfied with his work, he pulled away with an eerie smile on his face. “It’s not good to be disobedient Mikasa,” he chuckled, licking away the remnants of her blood from his lips. "If you still want that haircut find me in my room later on." That way they’d have more privacy and it would keep anyone from seeing sides of her meant for his eyes only.

The thought of flaunting her in front was exciting and convenient for him but he was rather possessive over things that were his and she was the most prized of his treasures.

Taking a step back to give her room, he took one last look at her before turning around to leave. Though after a few steps he found himself at a halt, almost forgetting something important. “Oh, and also,” he tilted his head to face her once again, that unnatural expression still adorned on his face. “if you know what’s good for you then you best not tell Eren about this.”

And with that he left.

Wrong answer…?

Mikasa frowned at him. As if she could give a wrong answer. He requested something she’d rather not give and the woman told him no. It was just that simple, so what Mikasa was expecting was for him just to let her go so that she could walk away.

But it was without warning that the opposite happened. Mikasa’s eyes became wider than she ever remember them able to do. He was kissing her…Armin was kissing her without her consent! And much to her dismay…

It hurt…nothing like the first one she sometimes imagined. Not just because it was a transparent breach of her trust, the kiss was violent. Between her bitten, now sore lip, the force Armin placed on her wrists and the way he shamelessly spread her legs…

Once free of the suffocating kiss, Mikasa back slid down the wall. Her wrists…would bruise…her lip was probably already bruising. Softly, her rear hit the ground as Armin turned around to still offer the hair cut…and then threaten her to remain silent to their mutual friend.

Mikasa thought she was going to cry.

…The smart thing to do would be to distance herself from him…

Going back to her room, Mikasa found the scissors and sat, feeling the uneven strands before attempting to cut her own hair once again. She concentrated and was more careful, ending up with a better result, however…

It was still uneven…

She didn’t want to go to Eren with these bruises…

So it was with great reluctance that Mikasa found herself standing in front of Armin’s door. And with great hesitance that her hand hovered over that door until she finally, and heavily, knocked.

"Hey," Ymir whistled. "Wanna make out?"

"Hey," Mikasa muttered in response, "No."