"...I apologize about that blue haired man...He's...He really likes sex. A lot. Don't...Just punch him if he tries anything."



"…Are you an adult?" Mikasa needed one.


What the hell? Humanity’s borders? She could understand that it was a military branch. That…made some amount of sense to her…But humanity’s borders? Was humanity in anyway in trouble? “Uh…can you explain some more please, Mikasa? I’m still confused. ‘Expanding Humanity’s borders’?”

"…" Mikasa sighed, "Where I live, humanity is confined behind walls to protect us from giant man eating monsters, called titans. Unlike the other two branches of military, the Survey Corps ventures beyond the protection of the walls. As such, we don’t have the best life expectancy. For a typical titan, it takes thirty regular soldiers to take one down." Although she felt all the people she worked with were exceptions to that rule.

"We still don’t know the origin of the titans, so we haven’t made any great strides quite yet."

She squinted at her sister. "Are you getting fatter?"




"Then why is your belly getting bigger?"

"I ate a baby." She looked at her ominously, "And I’m still hungry."

"...I apologize about that blue haired man...He's...He really likes sex. A lot. Don't...Just punch him if he tries anything."



"…Are you an adult?" Mikasa needed one.


Survey Corps? What…What were those? What was that? She was…so confused. But she could tell the other girl was confused as well. It seemed they had a lot to teach each other.

"It’s nice to meet you, Mikasa. If, I may ask, what is a Survey Corps?"

"Survey Corps…is a military branch that specializes in expeditions…with hopes of expanding humanity’s borders." It probably wouldn’t make very much sense to her, if she didn’t know what the Corps were in the first place. Satsuki likely didn’t know about the titans as well…

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Mikisugi blushed, he never felt so self-conscious before. This woman had such influence on him. “You’re welcome…I…I’m sorry if I offended you with my potential nudity. My clothes just seem to slip off on their own sometimes…The glowing has a mind of its own.”

"Right, I see…" Even though he was dressed, Mikasa kept her eyes averted. Finding a kindred spirit in her philosophy of nudity wasn’t going to happen. Their reasons for it were entirely too different.

"If you’ll excuse me then. It was…uh…nice to meet you."

Absolute Devotion // Closed @eatthebread 


"Sore…" he murmured, feeling a little bad. He hadn’t exactly been rough with her…or rather he certainly could’ve been rougher. But then again that was her first time… "Well a least you don’t hurt." He really should’ve been more careful. 

"Yesterday was yesterday. Today is today, there’s no reason to dwell on what happened," he whispered. He wasn’t exactly talking about their intimate moment. He squeezed her hand gently, and brought his other one up to cup her cheek. He pressed his lips to hers. 

It was a soft kiss, tender… more comforting than it was anything else. Nothing like the passionate kisses they had shared the previous day. But after rushing through things the day before they now had all the time in the world. “I…love you too,” he whispered in her ear softly. 

"Yesterday can be whatever you want it to be," he said quietly. He kept her hand in his. He would hold it until she wanted him to let go.

Could be whatever she wanted, huh…? Mikasa still couldn’t make sense of that day…so for now, she would allow it to be nothing. Nothing until she was ready to confront it. Smiling softly under Levi’s pampering, the girl lowered her head.

At this moment…it was bittersweet, but she was happy. Mikasa was with Levi and…that could be all that made sense right now. It was something she was used to, in this unsteady environment she grew up it. The one constant.

It was exactly why she followed him to this base, when they were forcibly enlisted…Staying in the Underground or even some nearby civilian town…it wasn’t enough. Sighing shakily, Mikasa realized that even when he was gone for a few days and back for even less, it wasn’t enough…

"…Maybe I…should enlist too…" Even if it would be a separation until she could complete the training. But then, they could always…

Moonlight Dancing//Closed @eatthebread 


He watched her, dancing through the different choreography. Really he was more than impressed. He had expected to want to toss out some of the repertoire and yet everything she had done had been so well done.Levi wasn’t a dancer at all, but she made him want to dance with her. To touch her hips and sway with her…really he just wanted to touch her. 

"You’re very good. It’s no wonder I chose to sponsor you," he complimented. A rare thing for the man to do. "Tell me, do you enjoy all the dances you do?" She looked like she was enjoying everything, Levi just wanted to know if she was good at acting too.

"Sure," he said standing up. "What do you normally like to eat with wine?" he asked, pouring her a glass and handing it to her. "I can have something made, or I could bring out some cheese and crackers."

"For the most part. Unless it’s a group performance, I make all my own routines. So yeah, I enjoy them." Mikasa said, toweling off leisurely and placing her water bottle back in the bag, "If you don’t mind making some actual food, I’d like that. I’m going to borrow your bathroom."

Without waiting on him to guide her, Mikasa lifted her things and took her own quick tour of the apartment. Her eyes were practically sparkling, there was something almost celebrity about this man. What did you even have to do to end up with this much money…?

She was almost disappointed when she stumbled upon the bathroom. Ah well…maybe he’d invite her over for a private dance session again. So far, they were both enjoying themselves.

Rinsing off, Mikasa dressed in a off shoulder t-shirt dress before making her way back. She hadn’t been gone too long, had she? “Sorry. I got a little lost.” It was now she finally sipped at the wine a little bit.

Magic Enchantment //@ whatsinmybasement 


Grisha took his wife’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Do you really think you would ever mess up?” he asked. “You’re a wonderful mother…especially to our nightmare son,” he teased, glancing over at Eren, who just glared back at his father.  Grisha chuckled and took his own seat, beginning to eat what was left of his food.

"She is a strange one though…and must be handled with care, Eren," he said raising an eyebrow at his son. "What?!" Eren yelled. Grisha shook his head. "Exactly…you need to be quieter with the girl…calmer. When you show her around tomorrow, try not to get in any fights…just be normal," he sighed.

"We need to let her do her own thing. We can offer her a place to stay if she chooses but ultimately if she wants to leave she can. She needs to know we’re not keeping her here."

Eren looked down and played with his food a bit. He had to admit he’d be a little disappointed if Mikasa left right away. Sure she was free now…but…he kind of enjoyed having her around. He wanted to…talk to her more.

"No, No, Grisha, you’re telling him wrong." Carla smiled softly, feeling a little more confidence after all, "Eren, no matter what you do, don’t be normal. Your normal isn’t exactly what she needs. Be on your best behavior.” Telling Eren to act normal could only lead to disaster. He may have did wonderfully rescuing her, however…

Carla didn’t seem excited at the idea of Mikasa leaving either. She was a woman in body, but a life style like that…the girl was probably going to need a lot of guidance before she went out into the world again. But Grisha was right, they couldn’t keep her here, or influence her. It would be detrimental no matter how fond they were of the girl.

Who they barely talked to for a few hours. Odd…Carla wasn’t quite as abrasive as Eren, yet neither of them took to others all that easily.

"Maybe she’ll stay for a few months, at least…" The mother whispered mostly to herself.


Something similar should I also buy to my dad….. It would suite him ^_^


Something similar should I also buy to my dad….. It would suite him ^_^

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do you ever get sad bc you aren’t rich and famous

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