Mikasa took his hand, placing it on her stomach, "Feel ... "



Slowly Eren spread his hand out on the small bump that had formed on her stomach. “Is…the baby moving?” he asked quietly.


"You should be happy," he smiled and gently kissed her cheek. After everything that had happened, all Eren wanted was for his wife to be happy to be having their first child. Creating a family…was important. They had goal in the military sure…and this hadn’t been part of their plan…but Eren couldn’t help but be happy.

"One of my shirts? But I wear those…why do you need one?" he asked, confused.


Now she was tempted to just take this one off of his back. What a dumb thing to ask from the girl who routinely snuck her scarf into his pillow just to retain his scent when it wore out.

"I need it to sleep with so I won’t feel lonely. Steal one of Armin’s for me too…" Mikasa wasn’t about to be caught wondering into the men’s wing, "You can have one of mine too, just fork yours over…!"


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Please Behave! 


The way Mikasa spoke of such things, her nervousness and apparent shyness, was actually pretty cute. She really had no idea about all of that, did she? To think she was supposed to take on the role of the older sibling. Hm. Yeah, she might be a little more mature than him, but this was… An interesting development. Honestly, Jean was surprised she shared so much information with him.

Maybe he could get a little more out of her…

"It wasn’t?" his brow arched in curiosity, though he made it seem like more than it was. "Well, what else did you research, Mikasa?" His mind wandered… Did she look into how guys got off as well? Or.. Judging from her own experimentation, maybe she watched something? Her doing such a thing was something he never actually expected, but to hear that her curiosity spiked so much that she actually tested it out… That was good news for Jean’s old plan, wasn’t it? Possibly.

"…well…" Her fingers laced together, “…I researched…sex…b-because I thought it would be a shame…to be so inexperienced if it really wasn’t the norm anymore…I didn’t know…because…essentially, I never left the house…” Never had any friends outside of her own mother, the girls she tutored didn’t really count…

"…C…C…" Mikasa swallowed, but continued, voice stuttering all the while, "…C-Could…you…show me…how…y-you…do it…" With her face turned away, she pointed at him…below the belt, “…I w-want to know…what to expect…Of course i-i-i-it’s fine if you don’t want to…but…I…”

She bit her lip, unable to actually face him whilst making such an unbelievably brazen request…but she had practically seen him naked already, so…

Email Drafts // @bloodstainedhandsbertl 


The tone of her voice, it….it just sounded as if Mikasa was so full of pain right now. He held back his own tears. All he wanted to do at that moment was reach out and hug her. Softly stroke her hair, and tell her it would be alright. They’ll solve this problem together…But no. He was the problem. And there was no way they could solve it together.

Another deep breath, as he shook his head. “M-Mikasa….” He managed to get out, not having his voice crack under the tears. “I-I….I cannot raise the child on my own…”

"I-I’m still living with Reiner…I work during the day." He ran his fingers through his hair nervously, "M-M-Mikasa..I-I just can’t…"

"…" Mikasa breathed heavily, "…I don’t know what to do about this then, Bertholdt…we want to avoid each other like the plague but both be involved with the child…I feel like this isn’t going to work…" She switched the phone over to her other ear, "…If we see each other, we’re just going to be upset…but even if we managed to avoid each other the whole time, the child will notice…"

"You can’t raise them on your own…I can, but I don’t want to exclude you…We…We can’t get back together, because…you can’t separate then from now…I’m going to be messed up if I have to keep seeing you under these circumstances…"

"…So what are we supposed to do? I really don’t…want to put myself in a situation I know is going to lead me to a breakdown…”


♞  ▎ "It’s not really bothering, honestly," he rolled his shoulders in a shrug. He was being a little more human than he usually was. A distant drunk who shoved people away was being set aside to make an attempt at identifying with a teenager in a tight spot. It wasn’t her fault that Erwin and likely everyone else in the Legion didn’t have a leg to stand on with the subject. It was the least Nile could do for her.

He offered her a little nod, bony fingers reaching for an almost abandoned glass of whiskey he had prepared before she barreled in through the door. “It’s an open invitation either way. It’s not like I’m ever that dreadfully busy…” He trailed off again before another bullet point hit him.

"Marie is into all of that stupid natural remedy crap. She has tea recipes and other things for the nausea and all of that. Salves for the ankle swelling— It basically made her pregnancies painless on me because she had it all under control." A beat, "Would you be interested in me asking her for it?" Maria knew they had saved his head on multiple occasions. 

❁ ~ I would be…very interested. Thank you…” Nile may not be thinking much of his contribution, but he would be the first adult…that really lent a hand in helping her in this situation without condemning or at best, being awkward about it, “Next time something should bring me by your office, I’ll bring a note pad of my own.”

It wouldn’t do if she forgot something he told her, when they were stationed so far away from one another. Especially if he was going as far as to ask his wife on her behalf.

Mikasa had yet to experience the ankle swelling, but her body felt so much heavier, she wouldn’t really be surprised if it was very soon. Mostly, she was fatigued and sick on the stomach. Having a heads up on what to expect and how to deal with it would be invaluable. 

Me evry day

Let’s Go for a Walk… // Closed @ eatthebread 


"Mmhm. Let’s head back to the room when you’re ready." Krista replied, still nervous, as Mikasa inferred. 

Krista would admit that Mikasa’s condition weighed on her mind, but it was through no fault of the latter. She was mostly concerned, rather than frustrated that it looked like their time outside had to be cut short like this. It was good to be as active as she was able during this time, but rest was even more important.

"D-Don’t be sorry…" Krista turned towards Mikasa with a small frown, but her attempt to admonish was undermined by her timidity. But her "serious" expression quickly settled back into her usual, uneasy smile. "I set aside this time for you, Mikasa. So however you want to spend it…I’ll be okay with it, alright?"

"Alright, Krista…" It still seemed like the blonde was straining to her, but Mikasa wouldn’t push it by being overly apologetic. Her feet began taking her back towards base while her stomach growled. Mikasa didn’t bother feeling embarrassed about it…she had some cookies stashed away in a tin to munch on since she didn’t have the stamina for cooking at the moment for times like this.

Having never hung out with Krista outside of a group setting, Mikasa had to admit, this was a little awkward. Maybe they were forcing it a bit…but they were also both quite out of their comfort zones. Krista was normally with Ymir, after all…

And Mikasa had all number of things going on wit her now…

The girl felt guilty for being relieved when the barracks came back into view.


"I see." QB glanced towards where Mikasa had pointed last, then at the woman again.

"I don’t believe I got your name."

"Mikasa Ackerman." She answered right away, with all the stiffness of a soldier, tilting her head at her. Was this woman lonely? Mikasa knew she was being rather dismissive and yet, she kept hanging around, talking to her…


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