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" ... Failure."



Call my muse a “Failure” see how they react

Eren stared at Mikasa. He hadn’t really even heard the words that she had said. Or maybe he had heard them and just didn’t want to believe them. After everything…she was the last person…that he ever wanted to disappoint. She was his home…his family…and he had somehow failed her. “M-Mikasa…I’m sorry? I don’t…know what I did…” he mumbled.


Did Mikasa really think he was a failure? He really didn’t know if she was pranking him or if all of a sudden these were her true feelings. She really did look angry. However, Mikasa had always been the one person to believe in him.

"Mikasa…please…what is making you say these things…did I do something wrong?!" he snapped, starting to get frustrated with her attitude.


"The fact you don’t know is speaking volumes, really…" It was because she wanted to, she followed Eren. What else was she to do, she didn’t have anybody else. Of course, Armin counted, but…Eren and his dream…the two of them…

They were always going to leave, so…what else was she to do? Now that reality, as she well expected, hit them in the face with bitter lessons…Mikasa questioned if following them really was the wisest thing.

But it was too late now,wasn’t it, “Don’t bother thinking about it anymore…forget I said anything.”

Present Day // @bloodstainedhandsbertl 


Bertholdt stood up, wanting to yell at his son. He was the one who asked what happened. And Bertholdt told him. Yes…it was a…stupid reason. But no there was no way they would ever get back together. As much as Bertholdt wanted it to.

In this life, he still had feelings for her. It took him so long to realize this. But no matter how many times he apologized to Mikasa she would not accept it. Saying the same thing, whats in the past was in the past. He should not be sorry for what he had done.

But no…this was something he should not discuss with his child before he was about to preform. Bertholdt sighed. And kissing him on the head. “I’m sorry…” He said, smoothing down his hair. “J-Just forget I told you…And…break a leg, you know what that means now…” And with that he left the room. 

Hiro watched him leave and sighed once he was alone for a few moments. His parents were idiots. If they cared about each other, shouldn’t they be together? It would be different if there was some giant argument which involved trampled feelings…infidelity, something. Sometimes, he just wondered if he father was homosexual, due to his closeness with Reiner…

But no…a past life.

There was no way he could understand it. So for now, he banished it from his mind. Concentrating on his performance instead led to it being even better then any of the practices. Flawless even. Mikasa smiled, happy to see him in the spotlight, taking to his talent naturally. Once his part was finished, the boy, as well as the other musicians, earned a standing ovation. 

Mikasa could barely wait until it was all finished so she could go congratulate him personally. She knew it made him feel awkward to receive flowers…so this time, Mikasa just got her boy an ‘edible arrangement.’

Not that other people didn’t send flowers.

Adventures in Aincrad // @inquisxtiv 


The other side? That made this sound a lot creepier than it really was. Mikasa wasn’t really lying when she said it. Armin had even heard Eren word it that way at one point, he was sure of it. The way he described the game almost sounded like you were dreaming, but fully aware of what happened when you woke up. Interesting, though he couldn’t quite understand why anyone would want to do something like that. Eren also mentioned that they’d be able to play together, and with everyone else that owned the game. That he didn’t understand at all. Oh well, more the reason to try it.

Once he got to his front door, he looked through the window in case his mom had gotten home early. Thank goodness she didn’t. He’d have an extremely hard time explaining why he was home, and why he was skipping school. He wasn’t really the type of person that skipped any kind of event. Unless, of course, he was sick. 

He pulled out his key, having to try a few times to get it into the key hole. Finally, he opened the door, creeping inside. He still didn’t know for sure that his mom wasn’t home. He wanted to be close to silent just in case. 

He kicked off his shoes, speed walking upstairs. That felt like forever. Later discovering his mom wasn’t home made the whole act to get to his room seem stupid. No one was there to see him make a fool of himself, though, right? 

He carefully read the instructions before putting on the Nervegear. Clicking the on button, Armin said, louder than he intended "Link… Start." 

Mikasa wasn’t even online a few moments, after finishing her avatar, until Eren invited her to a party. His avatar didn’t look too different from him, just with longer hair. Mikasa’s on the other hand…

"A male avatar, really?” The boy snorted, “Mikasa, you look like a monster.”

"Thanks for you careful care of my self esteem, as usual, Eren…" She snarked dryly, checking out all the information her menu had to offer. How to attack, block…she wanted to get in all the supplemental material before they actually went ‘questing,’ or whatever it was called.

"Eeeeh…" Eren sighed, checking who was online constantly until, "Armin’s on!" Immediately, the boy invited his friend to the party, "I wonder what sort of look he picked. A shame this game doesn’t have any magic, he would’ve been a pretty cool mage…"

"Adding a magic system would just make it confusing." Mikasa muttered, "It’s one thing to swing a sword, your body knows that…Trying to concoct magic? There’s nothing familiar about that…"

Date Night 


"I’m going to at the very least…try my best," Eren muttered. He glanced down at her stomach…the prospect of being a parent was scary. They were young…and it wasn’t like they had had much time with their own parents so Eren didn’t have much example to go off of. He wanted to be good to her though…he did.

"Alright," Eren smiled and stood up, offering her his arms to use as support to stand up. "I was getting pretty hungry myself, so I was hoping you’d say that," he smirked. "Let’s head back into town and find something nice."

"Okay, Eren…" Mikasa gratefully took his arms, grunting as she got back to her feet. Again, she held his arm against her and pondered what life would be like only a mere year from now. They’d have a baby…a new person they could hold and care for. Somebody with as many feelings and emotions as them…

It really was amazing… “I’m so hungry…but I’ll eat whatever you get me…Or maybe I should say, 'and I’ll eat whatever you get 'us.'” She giggled, really feeling light hearted about all of it now.

Magic Enchantment //@ whatsinmybasement 


Eren nodded and made his way to Mikasa’s room. He was surprised by how much he had told her last night…normally he wouldn’t have been willing to share such personal information, but there was just something about her that made her so easy to talk to.

He knocked on her door. “Hey Mikasa,” he called out. “Breakfast is ready, if you’re awake and hungry, come on out,” he said. He had made the mistake of practically walking in on her last night, he wasn’t going to do that again…even if she was…attractive. His mind wandered for a moment, remembering how cute she had looked and-

His face flushed and he looked down. He had to stop thinking about her like that. She was going to stay with them…but maybe she wouldn’t want to if she thought Eren was some kind of pervert.

"I…I will come…!" Mikasa called out hesitantly, getting to her feet and resolving herself yet again. She was going to do it. She was just going to go out there… and tell them the truth…

Nodding to herself several times, pumping herself up for it, Mikasa hopped in place and then opened the door slowly…meekness returning to her demeanor with every inch it opened, “H-H-Hi…”



As usual…

Defeated, she trudged into the kitchen and sat at the chair she normally did. Interesting how they always had four even though it was a family of three. Fidgeting with her hair as Carla laid out the meal she decided to just get on with it after all.

"I…I…" Her eyes lowered to the floor, "…I…am not capable…of performing any magic…" There. It was done. Mikasa bit her lip and waited on what Carla had to say.

"Huh? I already knew that." She blinked at her. Mostly, because of what the slavers said trudging away, but also…there was just a locked away feeling about her. A most slaves didn’t…weren’t capable, it was one of the reasons people could control them… "Lift your head, it’s okay. Eat your food, we’ll figure out something." Eren couldn’t do it either, after all.


Source: モッチ / B&WPlease do not remove source.


Source: モッチ / B&W
Please do not remove source.

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Because this young lady here can’t control her hands, Eren. That’s why.


Because this young lady here can’t control her hands, Eren. That’s why.

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Jearmin Week Day 1: Protect…ion

Ok I admit I’ve been thinking of the wrong word all week and I might’ve come up with this at 5 am forgive me.