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Repressing Dragons //@ whatsinmybasement 


Eren could hear her calling his name softly and he smiled. He felt good, helping her like this. She seemed like a nice girl, she didn’t deserve to be a slave. Not that Eren felt that anyone really deserved a life like that. He pushed through the woods, keeping his fingers locked between hers as they finally made it to the edge of the town.

"Don’t worry, you’re not going to concern her. I do plenty of that on my own," he laughed, tugging her towards his house. "I’m just happy we finally got out of there. We were in there for far too long," he laughed. "Don’t worry about anything okay?" he said, turning back to look at her.

He made his way across the town, towards a smaller house near the back of the town, by a large fountain. “This is it,” he said opening the door. “Mother! Father! I’m home!” he yelled out to them. “I…uh…sort of found a guest…” he added, not wanting his mother to come around the corner looking surprised.

A wise move on Eren’s part, Carla certainly wouldn’t appreciate that sort of surprise. It was early in the morning now, time for her to begin breakfast. The woman was rubbing her eyes sleepily, tugging out her pots with her hair in disarray.

Alright, so it was still quite the surprise, considering she wasn’t looking very glamorous…She knew better than to assume Eren just decided to wake up very early and was instead likely out all night. His leftover chores weren’t done…but here was a guest…so she would let him have it lat-

"…Ah…" The girl looked a fright, "Eren, what on this earth happened?" Carla asked groggily, walking over to the two of them. This girl definitely wasn’t one of their town residents, "Where did you find her? Are you okay…?" The mother reached out to touch Mikasa’s face, whom just docilely let her.

"I am…alright, ma’mm…" Mikasa said very carefully. Somehow, she felt saying Eren saved her would be tattling, so she just bowed her head, "Thank you very much for asking about my well being."

unwavering-loyalty replied to your post “So ‘kasa, do you know how to make babies yet?”

You make them in a pot of boiling water right

N-…No. You fuck. You fuck a man a lot and let him finish inside.


Bertholdt’s eyes narrowed to Mikasa. “I accepted the fact I am an idiot. What more do you want from me?” He sat down in the chair across from her, his arms folded across his chest, now not staring at her. His breathing was heavy, as his foot tapped on the floor. She hated him, why did he feel the need to help her.

"I want you to stop acting so offended and being unable to take what you dish out. How often has this happened? You throw out an insult and I pay it in kind, then you get all in my face like you want to fight. How about we just throw down and get it over with because I’m really sick of your shit, Bertholdt." She answered easily.

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So 'kasa, do you know how to make babies yet?

"I’m well aware."

Daydream Nightmare // @agentleonhardt 


Annie noted it down word for word, she could adjust the notes to make a little more coherent sense later but for now, it was just important getting them down. “Okay… This monster… What does ‘she’ look like?” Her gaze flicked back up to Mikasa then, shuffling a bit closer to wrap her free arm around her girlfriend for some small amount of comfort.

"Hush… It’s okay. If I can help you out then I will, Mikasa but I need you to tell me all you can about this other place you see… Is it the same hallucination each time? Same location?" Annie frowned, tapping her pen on the paper. She wasn’t any good at psychology enough to determine anything deep but hopefully she would get better and be able to piece it into the puzzle that was Mikasa. "What people did she kill? Why does she scare you…?"

Annie considered it highly likely that this was some metaphor for Mikasa’s life that this monster was some damaging figure that the blonde didn’t know of and this was how Mikasa chose to come… But this first happened at her house… 

The blonde scowled. This was going to prove difficult.

"She’s…" Mikasa began, breathing slowing down as if giving the monster a logical enough form to explain was taking away some of the fear, "…She has no skin…she…She’s a giant. Really fast and p-powerful, despite her size…"

Her size compared to… another monster like her? Mikasa swallowed, things beginning to piece together even if she really didn’t want to think about it… wanted to pretend like these hallucinations didn’t even happen, “Her hair is yellow. She’s… really angry. She hates me. She wants to k-kill me.”

Despite Annie’s comforting arm, Mikasa broke into a cold sweat, “S-She killed him. Annie, I’m scared…I don’t want to think about it anymore.” Even if her mind was still answering the questions.

That it was usually the same place… and that monster was always present even if the other ones sometimes changed.

Fast Rewind//Reincarnation!AU//Eatthebread 


In the shower, Bertholdt felt terrible.  He felt that he was worrying Mikasa. She was going to court today, and he had no right to start acting like this. Last thing he wanted to do was throw off her game.

A quick shower was very quick. He was in and out within about five minutes. After putting on something nice to wear, a nice pair of pants and one of his sweaters, he made his way downstairs.

Otto looked up from his food bowl rather distastefully at his owner. First he flings him off the bed, now he is still feeding him the can stuff while that fluff up beast eats the good stuff. Bertholdt leaned down and gave his cat a small scratch under his chin. “Sorry…” he said.

He looked up to Mikasa. His mind still on that dream again. He could not talk about it though. He needed to focus on Mikasa, making her comfortable. “A-are you ready?”

"…I’m ready." Mikasa smiled gently, as if she was consciously trying to make herself appear less dangerous. Bertholdt looking so frightened at her presence, she hated it. But it was probably only natural considering-

No…she couldn’t allow herself to think on that right now.

“Well then, our babies are happy.” Mikasa referred to their pets merrily, “You should eat and pack something light in case the jury decides to take a while. I’m skipping lunch, but you shouldn’t have to starve.” She simply got sleepy often times she was full. Better to not give the defense a handicap. Jingling her keys, the woman sat where she could watch Birthday Cake happily stuffing his little face.

She’d make him something special too, if she won.

Active Relaxation //@ caribbean-eyed-monster 


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Possess Me //@ timidblondedreamer 


"You’re not answering the question."

Once again his mood turned sour, eyes darkening as he slammed his other hand at the opposite side of her head to pin her down against the wall. While her inability to answer him directly was bothering him, the remark in regards to his hairstyle was also testing his limits.

"My hair aside I’m more masculine than you take me for," he muttered, proving his point by pressing his body against her’s. Sure he wasn’t as toned in comparison to most of the boys around let alone the girl in front of him but the muscles and masculine qualities were still present. He was still a soldier like the rest of them after all.

Armin took this time to stare up at her, wondering what it would be like to get her out of this indifferent personality of her’s. Would she plead if he asked her to? Maybe he’d find out soon.

"Beg for me to do it then." His tone held no hint of amusement, the suggestion sounding more like a command than anything. It would take more than just kindly asking him to cut her hair for him to come to an agreement. After displeasing him so much, he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

If she really wanted him to do it she’d comply right?

"I cut it because it was dangerous to have it so long." Mikasa answered his question a little dryly, "It grows really fast…if I can find a way around it later, I will. I think it’s better to have it short right now…" If her hair tie came a loose, it would be over. Better to know what she was dealing with right now.

When Armin slammed his opposite hand, however, the girl did flinch. He got mad again…what did she say to make him mad? Swallowing, she lowered her eyes, blushing as he pressed his body up to hers like that. Oh…that’s why he was mad, “I…don’t think you’re feminine, Armin…I just…like your hair.” Her breathing became a bit heavier, more out of embarrassment than anything else. What if somebody saw them like this? They’d misunderstand…



Mikasa gaped at him, knowing he was serious without asking. She fidgeted, legs pressing together since he had yet to grant her some personal space, “…Armin…please cut my hair for me…I’d really like you to do it like yours…please.” She raise her hands up, gently playing with his locks like he often did to her, “…Just the back though…n-not the fringe, please.”


Having not expected her prodding hand at his rear, a rather loud and strangled noise of protest escaped his lips, the heat rising in his cheeks. He always wished that Mikasa would be more bolder with her advances but he never thought she’d change so soon.

Just what exactly happened to her in the course when they were apart from each other?

When he finally felt the softness of the sheets beneath him, he relaxed but the feeling disappeared as quickly as it came, eyes widening when his hands were pinned above his head. “Safety word?” Armin snorted a little too loudly, raising a brow up at her. “Are you seriously implying that I need a safety word for whatever you’re planning for me?”

Mikasa liked that noise…she wanted to hear more noises like that come out of Armin. She wanted to see more noises like that slip out of those lips of his. Her eyes darkened as her smile grew, grip on his wrists tightening, “Don’t be difficult, love…pick a safe word…So if I’m going too far, you can say it…”

She leaned down, as if she was going to kiss and bite his neck, but stopped. Tilting her head up slightly, the woman whispered in his ear, “Come on now…I’m losing my patience…Don’t you want to see what I’m going to do to you Armin? Pick a safe word…”