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Could Have Been… // @whatsinmybasement


Eren laughed at the two women in the bed. “Yes we’re moving,” he said. “We might have to stay on-site until you both find a place you like,” he admitted. “But yes moving soon,” he said.

Now that he was home and had shared the news, a wave of exhaustion fell over him as he collapsed into the chair. “It’ll be really nice to move and try and get things back to normal,” he mumbled. He closed his eyes, resting his head on the chair. After last night and his long day working together, it was nice to sit and relax.

"It’s never going to be normal again, you know." Carla said flatly. Mikasa’s expression turned towards worried, thinking she was going to bring up her disability. Instead, Carla stated, "You’re a married couple. Before you know it, they’ll be little yous running around. Maybe…that will seem more normal for me."

After all, Eren and Mikasa were only sixteen. They didn’t quite feel like adults to her, circumstances or not. She missed the days when they were running around, playing. Up until Eren joined the military.

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Alone in his room, Bertholdt was enjoying some much needed quite alone time. He felt like he hadn’t had much of it recently. Every other day he seemed to be heading on mission after mission. Strange enough though…he was partnered with Mikasa for all of them. He was slowly growing to hating it. 

For one, he very much liked going out with Reiner. Reiner knew what he was capable of as far as his power. He didn’t yell at him, or want him to do things beyond his comfort level…such as….kill. 

That had become another reason he hated these missions with Mikasa…she was…changing. For some reason Bertholdt could not understand why. But her attitude mostly toward the crooks they were dealing with, was so different then anything he had been used to with her. So aggressive. It was not like a hero should act. This all started during their mission with the lizard? Killing that thing shouldn’t have…no. No it shouldn’t have.

Was he the only one who saw it? He was the one spending the most time with her, so he might have been. Should he bring this up to Erwin, or Levi, or even Hanji? 

His book laid now on the ground, accidentally dropping from his hand while he was in deep thought. His mind just kept going back to Mikasa. Was he starting to worry about her? It wasn’t like they were friends.

He bent down, picked up the book, and went back to reading. Now was not the time nor place to think about such things

Mikasa was becoming a liar. Since the girl so rarely did it, many couldn’t pick up on it like a close friend could. She was a liar and it was becoming clear not so much in her words as her actions.

Armin noticed.

When her meta human abilities were first discovered by her parents, it wasn’t because of lack of control. Mikasa did feats without realizing it was unusual. Everybody couldn’t lift a car? Nonsense, so the child felt at first… Then with the realization of being ‘special,’ the girl started to use more care when dealing with others. There was never a real accident…regardless of her powers steadily growing.

Not until recently. At a glance, you might think she only needed to train more. From the records, Armin gathered Mikasa was choosing not to hold back.

She was trying to hurt people on purpose. But why, he wondered…? The heroine was so adamant about defending the defenseless. What happened to change that?

Considering it risky to confront her right away, close friend or not, he knocked on Bertholdt’s door quietly. Maybe he had noticed something amiss with her too.

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Cleaning Duty || Closed @eatthebread


Levi nodded. “Good, I would expect nothing less from a soldier such as yourself. I was rather disappointed when you threw the mud, Ackerman,” he admitted. “I always thought you were better than that,” he shrugged, placing his jacket on.

He led her out of his office and locked the door behind him. “I always thought you were one of the more mature soldiers. Connie I could see doing that, but not you,” he said. 

"It’s late get some rest and come back refreshed tomorrow," he said. "Have a good night, Ackerman," he waved and made his way down the hallway towards his own quarters.

"Disappointed…?" What was he, her mother? Mikasa snorted softly as Levi walked away, scoffing at his attempt to lecture her. She enjoyed it…didn’t even regret it, despite getting caught. The image was beautiful. She wouldn’t do it again, but it was great to imagine.

That thick wad of mud colliding with his face and making such a satisfying sound. The look of pure repulsion on his features as it slid down…Mikasa smiled, turning to head to her own quarters. 

The next day, early afternoon, Mikasa reported to his office. She’d ask ahead of time what he wanted one so that she could section out her energy efficiently before dinner and cleaning. While not expecting to be pardoned, she wouldn’t mind if he became more lenient.

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♜ ] — “Ah ‘good girl’ would make you sound like a dog I have been training not to bite someone.” She was almost like a stray in a sense—a stray going around pampered mongrels who didn’t know how to use their fangs anymore. It was a rather amusing mental image, but he shoved it away as he dug into his pocket for his cellphone. “You would like the meat lovers, right? I know you’re rather fond of heaps of it.” He wondered how she didn’t get sick with the sauce, sausage, ham, and all other fatty substances tossed onto a single piece of bread. Just looking at it made his stomach give a growl of discontent.


Not waiting for an answer, he dialed Dominoes, already getting ready for an order.

"I am your stray bitch." Mikasa smirked, not the least bit insulted by such a train of thought. Most of her friends- One of her friends…well, her boyfriend, called her a bitch all the time, and she returned the favor. Since she liked Erwin, he was allowed the honor as well, "I’d love meat lover’s, Dad~" Ah the tone was mocking. She the only time she called him that sincerely was when it was a slip of the tongue.

"…Thanks." Though she’d still prefer a pat on her head for her new, and hard earned self restraint, pizza would make her feel better.

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Drowning Ashore // @agentlonardt


Annie was happy to crawl back to Mina and check on her before she just curled up at her side to keep the other warm. T’was much better hiding away here and ignoring her thoughts than indulging them… She’d just get pissed off and upset if she did and with all things considered, killing the remainder of her crew in fits of anger was not the best way to resolve her current dilemma. 

Weariness seeped right to her bone and she felt more tired than she had in a long while. It could do with her newly obtained injury still throbbing and the stress of everything that had happened as well but overall, Annie was just spent for the day. She needed to sleep and wake up with everything okay… Was that too much to ask for?


She sighed aloud as her face was buried into the crook of Mina’s neck and a hand gently grasping her wound to protect it. Exhaustion would claim her soon enough, Bertholdt was more than capable of steering a ship in her stead so it wasn’t like she was needed… 

Bertholdt, in question, couldn’t quite believe that Mikasa was looting their former crew. This was one reason he didn’t like pirates… Annie wasn’t exactly a saint and did massacre her crew but at least she was’t raiding their stuff… Though they were dead. They didn’t need it… But maybe it was more of the idea of respecting the dead. They hadn’t long been killed.

Oh well. Pirates. Bertholdt just couldn’t bring himself to give a big enough shit to mention anything to Mikasa. They were dead… Less stuff to sell later on and she’d avoided Reiner’s stuff. Eh… He had a ship to steer.

The ship somehow avoided any confrontation along the way, Mother Nature excluded. The tropical storm helped with that faint blood scent that wouldn’t go away no matter how well they cleaned the decks before. With that out the way, Mikasa made herself plenty useful. It was too large a vessel for such a small staff, so there were many things to do. Mina didn’t remain sick for long either.

Mikasa and her bonded pretty well on the trip. In exchange for exciting pirate tales, Mina shared cute little intimate details about Annie. It wasn’t strange to Mikasa that the other girl wasn’t jealous. 

Maybe they really were all truly suited to be pirates.

Christa spent a good deal of time sleeping in Reiner’s room, even when she should be working. Up until the storm, the smell of blood started to make her ill and the sharks following the vessel didn’t make her feel much better. She liked him…him going overboard wasn’t a horrible idea until sharks were in the equation. Was he really dead?

She sincerely hoped not…the little blonde didn’t perk up even when Mikasa informed them that they were getting close and it was best to have all hands on deck. You looked more trustworthy and carefree like that.

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hico (Part 2)

Is that little fem eren… Oh my god..

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Jaeger Boner: Mikasa
Jaeger Boner: STFU
Jaeger Boner: you are definitely cheating
Mela: she is
Mela: completely
Jaeger Boner: i just literally went
Jaeger Boner: PFFFT
Jaeger Boner: aloud
Mela: as I was tying, I was like
Mela: "This bitch..."
Mela: but that's kinda Eren :D
Jaeger Boner: Eren?
Jaeger Boner: being a bitch?
Mela: Mela waits for it
Jaeger Boner: oh cause hes a dog
Jaeger Boner: LOL
Mela: yes
Mela: Mela claps
Jaeger Boner: stfu mela
Jaeger Boner: dont CLAP
Mela: Mela laughing
Mela: <3
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mikasa ackerman is so fucking hot

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You guys want to hear a joke?

The Military Police.

That’s it. That’s the joke.

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Imagine your icon crying because someone they loved died

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